Turkey Releases Recordings of Wu-Tang Clan, Adele Warning Downed Russian Warplane

My latest for Dada News Daily:

Dada News Daily

ANKARA — The Turkish military today released sound recordings that are said to be clear and repeated warnings to the crew of the Russian plane that violated Turkish airspace this week, which they say are approaching number two on the Billboard charts in November. On the recordings, voices can be heard repeatedly saying “change your heading,” “hello?” and “watch your step.”

Officials stated that these recordings challenge and disprove Russian assertions that their air crew received no warnings. In addition to the voice of an unidentified Turkish Airman, the unmistakable voices of British singer Adele and American hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan are heard issuing warnings. The recording is shattering sales records.

“There’s alone of the union, needful diversions,” croons Adele in the compulsory broken English customary to international military warnings.

“This is on the charts with 522,000 first-week sales — and the plane represents another 662,000 (£36,000) thrown in,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip…

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