Genuine Georgia Gal

Featuring an additional composition by Robert S. Roberts: “My Genuine Georgia Gal.”


Artie Hall, pictured above and in the previous post, had a hit singing “I’m Certainly Living a Ragtime Life” by Robert S. Roberts.

artie hall - Edited

She is also reported to have had a hit as early as 1900 with another Robert S. Roberts composition, “My Genuine Georgia Gal.” Afterwards, she was consistently billed as “the Genuine Georgia Girl.”


It was widely reported that she was crushed to death in the collapse of the Orpheum Theater during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. This was even reported in her Wikipedia article (citing  a New York Times report.)

However, there are many reports of her performing on stage after this date. She survived the earthquake.

As Wikipedia tells you, she performed in blackface, and I need to state here that I do not condone racial stereotyping.

Artie Hall married Robert Fulgora. Here is another song she sang in 1899:

Here she is described as  a “Georgia Coon Shouter.” After performing the Roberts song, she seems always to have been “The Genuine Georgia Girl.”

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