Rose O’Neill Museum – Walnut Shade, MO


The Rose O’Neill Museum is located in the Ozarks Hills of Taney County near Branson, Missouri at 485 Rose O’Neill Road in the town of Walnut Shade. The museum is housed inside the Bonniebrook House, a recreation of the O’Neill family’s 14 room estate.

The museum contains hundreds of Kewpie ephemera (from dolls to door knockers) that showcase O’Neill’s successful life as an artist/sculptor/author/activist.

Born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on June 25, 1874, Rose Cecil O’Neill was an American artist who created a magical creature called a Kewpie who was modeled after Cupid, the Roman God of Love.

“Do good deeds in a funny way. The world needs to laugh or at least smile more than it does.” — Rose O’Neill

The Kewpies were fairy-like babies with a top-knot head, a wide smile, and sidelong eyes. They were both impish and kind and solved all kinds of problems in humorous ways…

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